The Consumption Characteristics Of Chinese Stroller

- Aug 07, 2017-

From the current market and development situation, the baby stroller industry in the next few years will show the following trends. Since the reform and opening up, people's living standards gradually improve, the baby's care is meticulous, the newborn baby will get the family as much as possible care. Baby stroller as a necessary thing for infants and toddlers, the family is essential. Coupled with the opening of the two-child policy today, there is a huge market for baby carriages.

For the choice of baby stroller products, consumers have a tendency towards polarization. According to statistics, in the Taobao Baby Stroller category (with stroller and electric car for example) sales of the top 20 products, 400 yuan under the product accounted for 16, 700 yuan or so 2; 1000 yuan above 2 (All Baby stroller). Of these, a of the Shucheng "San le" Brand Stroller, which sold for $200, sold more than 3,200 vehicles in the first 20 days of December 2012 (the monthly sales of enterprises in similar products are generally about $number vehicles). From the above data can be seen, domestic baby stroller consumer market is mainly low price; $number yuan mid-range range of consumption choice is not much, but less competitive market is more and more enterprises to intervene; high-end price products also have a certain market. Industry personage analysis, low-end market or will be dominated for a long time, and consumption level is high, value product quality and design aesthetic factors such as consumers will tend to choose high level of design, materials good high-end products. As a result, the focus of the baby stroller market will develop towards the low-end and high-end Poles.

However, the future development prospects of the baby stroller industry can be optimistic, different people have different consumer demand, which is mainly based on the consumer's own economic capacity. Therefore, it is very necessary for the baby stroller to have the high school low different grade design. Market share needs to meet the requirements of different people as much as possible in order to achieve long-term development.