Select Children's Car To See The 3C Sign

- Mar 23, 2018-

As the weather gets warmer, many parents will push the child's car out to "walk the baby" in the good weather. However, the quality of the children's car is uneven, and parents need to pay attention to the selection and purchase. Yesterday, the website of the Guangdong provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau released the results of the "double random" special supervision of the quality of children's car products. In the 50 batches of children's cars produced by 47 enterprises in the province, 6 products were disqualified from the 6 batches, and the rate of unqualified products was 12%.

The 47 production enterprises (50 batches) were selected, including 11 medium-sized enterprises (13 batches), 36 small enterprises (37 batches), small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 23.4%, 76.6% of the total surveyed enterprises. The production enterprises of unqualified products found by the sampling inspection are small enterprises.

In the end how to select children car, there are people in the industry, in the purchase of product packaging or identification on the CCC mandatory certification marks. In addition, as far as possible to select a single function of children's car, the best "special car".

Specifically, can the baby stroller appearance, handlebar, spare parts, safety belt for viewing in the purchase of baby stroller, at the same time to test the brake closing and locking device, and the wheels on the ground to ensure smooth flat straight forward, the wheels do not deviate from the route, the figure 8 forward flexible rotation.