Pay Attention To The Purchase Of Stroller Not Less Maintenance

- Aug 07, 2017-

Recently, the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center organized relevant experts to write a "Baby Stroller consumer Safety guidelines" and issued. Malincong, Director of China Institute of Standardization, introduced the choice of stroller, first of all, according to the children's age and growth stage needs, according to the child's height, weight, strength, balance, coordination and control ability, to choose the right baby stroller. Consumers should be as far as possible to choose a single baby stroller products, resolutely refused to buy 3C logo baby stroller.
And in consumption, parents should pay more attention to the safety of the parts of the stroller body, there are no easy to fall off small parts, sharp edges or cutting-edge, easy to clamp the body parts of children clearance; whether the folding and locking device is effective and reliable, whether the brake (braking device) is effective, the hazardous parts are protected, and the safe distance of the baby stroller parts, the travelling speed and stability of the stroller, and the safety of the small toys hanging or incidental to the stroller.
"When you buy it doesn't mean you can worry about it when you use it," he said. Malincong said that parents should also pay attention to the maintenance of baby carriages and the process of monitoring children's use. If the parents should fully learn the maintenance of the baby stroller, according to the requirements of the use of regular maintenance, to form every use before the habit of inspection, in the self assembled baby stroller to carry out a comprehensive inspection and adjustment.
At the same time, when children use stroller, caregivers should not leave, while attention should be paid to the safety of children in common play and surrounding groups. To ensure that the use of the environment suitable for the use of stroller, should not be used in road traffic. Child-controlled baby stroller should be provided with basic and cognitive safety training for children, with protective measures as far as possible. Should not be in the child rider parts hanging heavy weights, carrying luggage with a stroller, many people ride stroller, etc., which will cause the overall structure of the vehicle damage or affect stability.