Holland Hospitals Add Mini Electric Cars To Help Children, Reduce Surgical Anxiety.

- Apr 13, 2018-

For children, if the operation is terrible, then the way from the ward to the operation room is one hundred thousand horrible. The moment from the bed to the operation room will cause great psychological anxiety and stress, and may even lead to trauma.

To try to eliminate or reduce this unpleasant experience, the children's Hospital in the Erasmus medical center in Rotterdam has taken a new move to provide children with mini electric cars, and children who need surgery take a mini electric car into the operation room. Facts have proved that this measure has been a great success, effectively distracting children's attention and reducing their fear of surgery.

At the beginning of February, Erasmus children's Hospital Medical Center is equipped with the first mini car, soon after the acquisition of 12 vehicles. The idea came from Robert Vossen, the hospital operation room manager, who saw in a social media in an American hospital that children were happily entering the operation room in a mini - car, which was a way to reduce the fear and stress of the operation.

The children are not at the helm of their own, the car is driven by the nurse through the remote control. According to Vossen, the mini is purely intended to distract children, he said: "it's a simple idea, but I think it's worth it if it can reduce the child's fear of surgery. It's a very active and fun way to enter the operation room by mini car. We see a bright smile on the children's faces.

The use of mini cars will soon expand from operation room to other parts, such as the Department of magnetic resonance MRI.

According to the Stichting Kind en Ziekenhuis of the children's nursing organization, it is very important to transfer the attention of children to the operation, and the head of the foundation, Hester Rippen, suggests that the hospital take more measures to this end. The foundation's research shows that prevention of anxiety and stress can help faster healing and less trauma. The foundation said that the practice of mini car in Holland is quite new, but there are many precedents abroad. At present, besides Erasmus Medical Center Children's Hospital, Wilhelmina children's Hospital and Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam also provide such an arrangement for children.  Personally, we can learn the way of this hospital in China.