Development Direction Of Baby Stroller Industry

- Aug 07, 2017-

After the financial crisis, many industrial markets have undergone significant changes, China's baby stroller Market is no exception, enterprises after this baptism also recognized the seriousness of the market, the system reform, rapid maturation. In this competitive environment of the jungle, in the desire to achieve a win and the growth of enterprises, many baby stroller enterprises fish, and continuously improve the operating efficiency, in the industry profits continue to reduce the situation to win vitality.

1. Facing the industrial transformation with the domestic baby stroller industry's continuous maturation, as well as the domestic economic structure of the continuous adjustment, the original main baby stroller industry cluster Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River delta area of raw materials prices, labor costs, land rents, management costs, such as continued to rise, resulting in baby stroller production costs In addition, now the state advocates to take inland areas gradually to undertake the relocation of the manufacturing industry, therefore, Hebei, Henan, Hubei and other places of baby stroller manufacturing has also gradually emerged. The enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places should face up to such manufacturing transfer, when the conditions are ripe, we can consider the low manufacturing process requirements, relatively simple structure of low-end production lines to the Inland Baby stroller cluster transfer, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places in the baby stroller industry to maintain the high-end baby stroller production line, as well as product design, research and development links, gradually out of the low profit manufacturing links to research and development, service industry chain high-end transfer.

2. Replace price war with innovation war the progress of any industry can not be separated from innovation, the baby stroller as a manifestation of popular elements of the industry is no exception. Price war Vicious Competition is the source of the lack of innovation, because it is impossible to create creative, so can only spell the price. Good children, Chi Leburg, group Hing without a commitment to build a laboratory or research and development center, the application of patents are hundreds of thousands. It is not that baby stroller enterprises should be involved in product development regardless of cost, but to ensure that their product uniqueness is necessary. Fujian Xiamen, the European children Supplies Co., Ltd. products are exported to Europe and the United States and praised, the reason lies in its attention to product differentiation, Europe's goo than baby car in terms of function, materials, design concepts, are striving to make their own style, so that products in the market to achieve "no I have", such products can let enterprises in the product pricing dominant position. Therefore, abandon blindly imitate, replace price war with innovation strategy, it is the guarantee of healthy development of baby stroller industry.

3. Attention to emerging channels and market domestic baby stroller industry competition is large, but has not formed a monopolistic brand, so baby stroller industry brand Development There are many opportunities and space. In the last two years, the net shopping market has developed in a burst-type, and the network is gradually accepted by consumers. The author through the observation Taobao Baby stroller sales data found that the sales of the few industry recognized by the big brand, but most are some two or three-line brand or is not well-known brand, which shows that the impact of the baby stroller brand to buy the leading role of consumers is still very small, at least in the network shopping and not much embodiment, pay attention to the development of network channels, can make the brand development route more flexible, in addition to the network channel space is very large, the rise of the rural market is also the baby stroller industry to establish a brand good timing. In recent years, the rural baby stroller market has been gradually opened, and in the next few years the rural market will continue to expand, in the face of rural relatively blank baby stroller market, to strengthen the laying of channels to seize market opportunities is crucial. In the city because of the small activity space, high floor, the baby stroller market will be relatively limited, and the rural market activity space is large, no floor restrictions, the development of a baby stroller more space. In addition, by observing the rural market's demand for stroller use and the different points of urban demand, the shelves of some more suitable for rural market baby stroller products, is also the means to open up the rural market.