Current Development Of Baby Stroller Industry

- Aug 07, 2017-

From the current market and development situation, the baby stroller industry in the next few years will show the following trends. Since the reform and opening up, people's living standards gradually improve, the baby's care is meticulous, the newborn baby will get the family as much as possible care. Baby stroller as a necessary thing for infants and toddlers, the family is essential. Coupled with the opening of the two-child policy today, there is a huge market for baby carriages.
Stroller, including baby stroller, Walker, twist car, electric car, bicycle, tricycle and other categories. From the manufacturing sector, the government classifies it in the toy industry, but it also belongs to baby products from the point of use and consumer characteristics. Baby Stroller is the most typical and popular product in baby children, accounting for about 20% of the total consumption of baby products. According to the relevant statistics of the baby stroller industry, from 2007 to 2009, the global Baby stroller market consumption was $99.6 billion, $102.6 billion and $106.8 billion respectively, while the Chinese baby stroller market in 3 years of consumption amounted to 15.8 billion yuan, 17.4 billion yuan and 19.1 billion yuan respectively. The baby stroller market has huge potential and is releasing amazing spending power. China's baby stroller industry is almost the same as the pace of reform and opening-up, has been more than 30 years of history. From the beginning to Taiwan-funded, Hong Kong-funded enterprises to the current local enterprises bear, the mainland baby stroller Enterprises have completed the perfect for the baby stroller manufacturing to undertake, after dozens of of development has been pregnant with a good child, baby, Le Mei da, cherub, St. Belle, Sunshine Children, Goo, master, Bao Le fort, group Hing, Heng Tai, star Fai, happy years, double happiness, Vexcor, Allison, King, Afor, Best, God horse, good to the a well-known baby stroller brand. But because most of the baby stroller has been introduced abroad, in our country a lot of standards have not been popularized, resulting in the baby stroller industry uneven products! Some factories do not even basic 3C, so we in the selection of products must be good for consumers to close, to be a caring and sincere business.
From the above data we can see that the baby stroller industry market capacity, China as a large population and the world's second largest economy, the baby stroller's consumption capacity and the actual demand are considerable, which also stimulated many good reputation of the baby stroller enterprises, thus promoting the brand appeal.