Children's Toys Are Not Much

- Aug 07, 2017-

Most parents have a consensus, the loss of nothing can not lose children, so as long as the children eat, use, play, want the best, but also more. Will "Toto" be "good"? Not to eat, not to play.

A study of preschool children's education program in the United States suggests that giving children too much toys or inappropriate toys can damage their cognitive abilities because they can be overwhelmed by so many toys that they can't concentrate on playing a pieces. Not only that, Cathy, a professor of educational psychology at Oxford University in the U.K., also pointed out that children with fewer toys were more likely to have higher intelligence than their peers in the family's superior and Toy mountains, as their parents spent more time reading, singing and playing games with them.

To this conclusion, the director of China Family Education Society, the happy Spring Children's Development Research center Chenghuai also agreed. He said, if the toy is too much, it will stimulate the child at a loss, just like a bear to break a stick, break a, throw a, play the same, throw, the result of nothing played, has been in a simple fiddling stage. In fact, the role of toys is mainly to assist and promote the child's physical and psychological development, it is not in the number, but whether it is suitable. The so-called fit, one is to be suitable for this age, the second is to be able to play a role in promoting the normal development of children at this stage. For example, the 1-year-old child is learning to walk, then, it needs a pieces of drag-and-drop duck toys, it can make a noise, stimulate the child excited, conducive to exercise their walking ability.

Generally speaking, at some stage, the suitable toy has two or three kind is enough. Toys are many, on the other hand, until the child really will be tired of playing with the toy, completely no fresh feeling, and then take out a few new.