Buy Stroller Limited Consideration Of Safety

- Aug 07, 2017-

Baby Stroller and child safety seats and other children's products are accompanied with children's growth of intimate partners, but also with children's lives closely related products, its quality and safety directly affect the healthy growth of children, but also related to the well-being of thousands of families and the harmony of the whole society.
Recently, AQSIQ issued the "Chinese Urban stroller safety consumption awareness of the status of Investigation results", the survey report, based on 5,350 questionnaires issued by 5 cities and 31 schools nationwide, focuses on the awareness of the urban residents about the safety-related knowledge of baby stroller, safety consumption awareness and consumption behavior. The results showed that 10.6% of the surveyed families had had injury incidents or dangerous situations in the process of using baby stroller, and the safety consumption situation of baby stroller products was not optimistic.
According to AQSIQ law Enforcement Supervision Department director Feng Funmin Introduction, recently, AQSIQ organized the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center to carry out a survey of the safety consumption awareness of China's stroller. The survey was conducted by questionnaires, and the parents of 16 primary schools in 5 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi ' An, Wuhan and 15 kindergartens in the 3-12-year-old age group were surveyed and 5,516 copies of questionnaires were issued, and the effective rate was 5,350. Through the collation, statistics and analysis of the questionnaires, 10.6% of the surveyed families had experienced injury or danger during the use of a stroller.
Prioritize security
The results show that parents ' attention to safety of baby stroller is generally high. When choosing a stroller, the parent's top priority is security, followed by price and function. 65.3% of parents will "often ask for and retain" invoices or other shopping vouchers, more than half of the parents will read the instructions carefully, while more than 95% of parents will use the stroller before the car and the instructions on the relevant warning notes.
In the area of safety information on baby stroller products, nearly 80% of parents will be concerned about the safety of baby stroller in the government and the media, and 92.5% of the parents who know about the AQSIQ's launch of the baby stroller recall will immediately look at their products and take steps to prevent them from being dangerous.
Lack of relevant knowledge
Feng Funmin pointed out that although parents are very concerned about the safety of baby stroller products, the relative knowledge is scarce. The survey found that nearly half of the parents of "baby stroller products must undergo compulsory product certification (3C certification) can be manufactured, sold, imported or used in other business activities" This provision is not clear, at the same time, China's current safety standards for baby stroller is generally very low, only 44.75% of parents know that the country has promulgated a child bicycle safety standards, and for children tricycles, children's carts, baby walker and electric baby stroller safety standards of awareness is even more optimistic. While buying a stroller, parental priority is safety, but whether there are small parts, sharp tips, dangerous gaps, braking devices, folding/locking mechanism is effective, frame parts are solid, the exercise of stability and other safety items, more than 85% of parents do not know to check.
It is understood that in the survey, nearly 70% of parents do not know that China has been in the automobile, children's toys and other areas of the establishment of defective product recall system, "Children's toys Recall regulations" and the relevant provisions and procedures of the awareness of the same worrying. and domestic consumers for the baby stroller product injury and hidden dangers of the awareness of the need to strengthen vigorously. 80.1% of parents do not know that Aqsiq has recently issued a number of defective children's toys (including baby stroller) recall information, in the event of injury or danger, parents will be preferred to deal with their own, rather than multiple channels of complaint. Only 11.7% and 5.1% of parents will complain to the consumer associations or quality supervision departments, at a very low rate, and the way the government information disclosure needs to expand awareness.
In addition, in guaranteeing the safety of baby stroller products and the cognizance of the subject of responsibility, most parents believe that the Government has an important role in carrying out the recall management of the defective children's articles and increasing the knowledge of the safety consumption of children's goods. And generally believe that enterprises should be the first responsible for product quality and safety, to provide safe and qualified products, the Government should strengthen the construction of legal system, children's supplies into the category of recall supervision, and increase the production and sales of baby stroller in all aspects of the supervision and sampling efforts.
Three-pronged protection against injury
The relevant head of AQSIQ pointed out that the quality and safety of baby stroller is related to children's health and safety. Our country is not only a big producer of baby stroller but also a big consumer. Aqsiq has always attached great importance to the quality and safety of children's supplies, the adoption of compulsory product certification, quality supervision spot checks, law enforcement, defective product recalls and other measures to promote the quality and safety of children's products to improve the level. According to the Director of China Institute of Standardization Malincong Introduction, in response to the problems found in the investigation, AQSIQ defective Product Management Center organization prepared the "Baby Stroller consumer safety guidelines." To prevent child stroller injury, to protect children's safety, need the common attention and efforts of the whole society, only enterprises to provide qualified and safe products, the government to strengthen product quality and safety supervision, consumers themselves to strengthen product safety and consumption awareness of three-pronged, can effectively guarantee the quality of baby stroller, protect children from safety accidents