When buying a stroller, consider the following aspects

- Aug 07, 2017-

1, the product has "CCC" certification mark
Our country as early as 2007 began to implement the "CCC" compulsory certification of toys products, all included in the mandatory product certification directory of toys and baby stroller products, not to obtain a compulsory product certification and not to impose China's compulsory certification of toys products are not sold in the country. If consumers buy toys products without "CCC" certification mark, it is best not to buy.

2. Identify the age of identification on the product
Different types of toy products are suitable for children of different ages. For example, plush toys generally apply to all children of all ages, while child-bed suspension toys generally apply only to children for a period of six to 0-5 months. Most of the time, the product has a manufacturer recommended the applicable child Age section, consumers should pay attention to the age tag when buying toys.

3, the appearance of discrimination
Good quality toys and poor quality products in appearance and texture will also have a certain difference. For example, the good toy material is thicker, the appearance processing is more meticulous, does not have too many appearance flaw, such as the drape, the clip watermark, coordinates with the position and so on. And the poor products are mostly thinner, feel weight light, not strong, there are more defects. Some use of water or other waste, may have odor or appearance of visible mixed with other small debris or black spots. Especially plush toys, it is important to pay attention to the internal filler material is mixed with industrial waste material, black cotton and so on.

4, to the regular shopping malls to buy
When purchasing products, in order to safety, it is recommended that consumers to the regular supermarkets, shopping malls or online shopping malls. Generally this type of business will have their own product access mechanism, manufacturers of products If you want to enter the market sales channels, generally to provide the corresponding qualification certificate or test report, this is for our ordinary consumers to provide a certain security, a security problem is easy to find the responsible person.