The main points of purchase and use of children toy products

- Aug 07, 2017-

Recently, AQSIQ convened a December regular press conference. At the meeting, children's toy product testing expert Liu on children's toy products and the use of the process of attention to the interpretation.

Recently, many toy manufacturing enterprises have been recalled because of defects in their production of toy products. Liu reminded consumers and parents, the purchase of children's toys products need to pay attention to the following matters:

First of all, check the integrity of the toys, check whether the name of the manufacturer, address, use age, safety warning language and other information, this information is an indispensable part of toy products.

For six categories of national compulsory certification of toys (plastic toys, metal toys, ejection toys, electric toys, doll toys, baby stroller), should check whether there are 3 C signs.

Do not buy toys that identify older age groups for children in younger ages, such as not to use toys that mark 3 years or older for children under the age of 3.

At the same time, pay attention to the small parts of toys, balls, etc., so as not to prevent children from choking danger; Check the sharp corners, burrs, sharp edges of toys, avoid scratching the skin of a child; a rope with attachment on a drag toy used by a child under 3 years of age shall not exceed 220 mm in length to avoid a choking hazard in the neck of a child; Check whether the toy has a round hole or crevice (5mm~12mm) similar to the size of a child's finger to avoid gripping the

To buy Baby stroller products, you need to check whether the car body is solid, do not choose the baby stroller plastic parts are hard, crisp or smelly; check the brake size and braking force of the children's bicycle brake to avoid accidental injury due to brake, insufficient or too much brake force. Check the height of the children's trolley from the seat cushion is appropriate, shoulder strap, fork belt, cross belt, buckle, seat belt and other devices are solid and reliable, folding locking mechanism is solid; Check the stability, rigidity and frame strength of the baby walker, In particular, to check whether the locking device is reliable, in order to prevent the locking device loose and accidental injury, in addition, the rugged road, slopes, staircases, bathrooms, kitchens and near the electrical appliances and other dangerous places to use.

Finally, the operator should ask for invoices or other shopping vouchers, as an important proof of future rights.

Injuries caused by improper use of children's toys or poor parental supervision have also occurred. Liu reminded consumers and parents, should give children the use of appropriate toys, carefully read the use of toys and safety tips, to ensure the safe use of toys.

Children are given the necessary instructions before using toys. such as children's bicycles should be used when appropriate guidance, use should wear protective helmets.

Ensure that toys are properly installed and safely used. If the baby stroller products should be properly installed according to the Assembly instructions provided, and should ensure that all locking devices are locked before using the trolley.

Ensure that the toys are used with care. If a child rides a stroller, baby walker, children's tricycles and other products, the caregiver should not leave; toy balloons, should be used under adult guardianship, inflatable balloons should be away from children, broken balloons should be discarded immediately.

Ensure that toys are regularly inspected, maintained, cleaned or maintained. The child should be kept away from the damaged toy until it is repaired and confirmed safe.

The majority of parents and consumers should pay attention to the relevant departments issued toys recall information and consumer early warning information, in time away from these hidden dangers of the toys products, in order to avoid damage. such as recently in the State administration of quality Supervision of defective product Management Center information platform issued on the "children wear caps with kids play slide There is a serious security hidden trouble" and "some of the bamboo Dragonfly toys products have security risks" two of consumer warnings.