Shopping guide for Children's cars

- Aug 07, 2017-

Baby Stroller products are related to child safety products, now China's relevant departments have promulgated the "National Toy safety Technical norms" standards, and launched a compulsory product certification toys, the greatest possible protection of children's lives and health, to protect the interests of consumers. The concept of toy safety is that children, under normal use or predictable and reasonable abuse, minimize damage to children due to certain defects in their own toys, which may come from the design, manufacturing process or manufacturing materials.
Inspection of key components in accordance with relevant specifications, safety of baby stroller products including children's bicycles, child tricycles, child strollers, baby walkers, toy bicycles, electric stroller and other toy vehicles. Some of these vehicles are mainly driven by adults, such as strollers. Some are mainly children's own manipulation, such as children's bicycles, tricycles and so on. These vehicles not only have some small parts, but also such as folding handrails, conveyor belts and other functional components, these components once the quality problems or failure, not only affect the use of vehicles, serious will also pose a threat to the child's personal safety. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the following key components when purchasing toys for baby stroller.
Folding mechanism. Toy carts, toy strollers, toy cradles and similar toys with handles or other folding mechanism parts in accordance with relevant standards, if the handle or other structural part may be folded and pressed on the child, there should be at least one main locking device and a secondary locking devices, and two devices should be directly applied to the folding mechanism; When the toy car is installed, at least one of the locking devices should be automatically locked. At the time of purchase, consumers should not only check whether there are enough devices, but also examine their quality carefully. The child's hand was caught in an accident in which the armrest of the child's cart had been broken.
Transmission chain or belt. By riding a toy car's transmission chain or belt, should add protective cover to make it untouchable, if not using the tool shield should not be able to remove, such as bicycle roulette, chains and so on. Reporters often see in some small commodity market completely do not meet the requirements of children's bicycles, children are good, curious, once the hand into the rotating roulette wheel of disastrous consequences.
Other driving mechanisms. The toy's clockwork drive, battery-driven, inertia-driven, or other power-driven mechanism should be closed and should not expose dangerous parts that touch sharp edges, sharp tips, or other pressing fingers or other parts of the body.
Braking devices. Free wheel mechanical or electric riding toys should have a braking device, generally in the braking test, the start of the brake device toys should not be more than 5 centimeters in distance;
Electric stroller in the case of no tilt, loosen the switch, power supply should be automatically disconnected, the use of the braking device should be automatically cut off. Reporters have seen a relaxed power supply, but also out of 1 meters long distance electric stroller. This kind of car in the actual use once encountered downhill, steps and other road sections are prone to accidents.
Buy appropriate products by age in addition, there are several issues to be noted, first, when buying a toy bike, you should pay attention to check the maximum height of the saddle, the bicycle saddle should have a minimum of the length of the car to insert the depth of the permanent sign, the minimum insertion mark is located in the distance of the saddle tube insertion (effective part) of the minimum 2.5 times times the diameter of the Second, the maximum speed of electric stroller should not exceed 8 km/h. At the same time, to buy a stroller as needed, the appropriate protective gear, such as protective helmets.
In addition, the purchase of a stroller should also pay attention to the age group identification, according to the child's age to buy the appropriate products, in fact, this principle applies to the purchase of any child