Notes for children's bicycles

- Aug 07, 2017-

The child bicycle's chain cover is essential, the saddle seat highest height is equal to or is greater than 560mm children's bicycle should install a disk chain hood or other protective device to cover the chain and the sprocket on the outer surface of the meshing part, when the chain all meshing on the sprocket, the disk chain cover should exceed the outer side of the chain in the diameter direction, use other protective devices without the enclosure, then the cover should be extended to the one points of the sprocket teeth to enter the chain at least 25mm along the chain. A child's bicycle with a maximum height of less than 560mm should be fitted with a enclosures to cover the outer surfaces and edges of the chain, sprocket and flywheel, and the inner surface of the sprocket and the meshing of the chain and sprocket in case the child's fingers are hurt. Because children's bicycles do not belong to the road to ride, so in the use of adult care must be used, should not be on the road to ride.