''High price'' children's bicycle products hot

- Aug 07, 2017-

Nowadays, the quality of children's bicycles has become one of the most important purchasing factors of consumers, industry insiders said that the market on the "Baby stroller" in the field of consumer competition is increasingly fierce, improve product performance, expand brand influence, to ensure high quality to become a business strategy to implement.
"High price" products hot
Recently, the reporter visited the capital of several brand bicycle stores and integrated supermarket bicycle sales area, understand the price stratification of children's bicycles is more obvious, unlike in previous years, the appearance of novel, inexpensive small brands became "unpopular", the top-level positioning of the brand products are more hot. According to the staff of China Resources million Industrial Plaza, the brand stroller, although the retail price is higher, but the product quality is more secure, "parents are also willing to buy a safe, spend a little more money also value." "
During the visit, the reporter saw that the famous brand children bicycle sales situation is better, and the market price more concentrated in 350 yuan-500 yuan, than the ordinary brand 200 yuan and below the low-end market positioning to be much higher. In recent years the consumer's brand awareness gradually improved, the store's best-selling products are priced at more than 400 yuan of high-grade bicycles.
and brand Bicycle store "high-priced products by hot sell" situation in contrast, supermarkets 100 yuan-200 yuan of children's bicycles have been snubbed. According to the United States big store Jade Dragonfly Bridge shop staff, in addition to one or two brands of children's bicycles are more popular, most of the middle and low positioning of the product sales are not optimistic.