High cost-effective baby stroller products can form brand loyalty

- Aug 07, 2017-

"Today's consumers are becoming more and more professional, before shopping for children's bicycles, they have learned a lot of product information, if the brand influence, Word-of-mouth is good enough, then, it is easy to attract those who have the needs of parents." "Industry insiders said that although consumers tend to rationalize, but the high cost-effective baby stroller products can still form a certain degree of brand loyalty, coupled with the vast number of consumers between the" media "dissemination effect, brand influence will become increasingly prominent.
According to questionnaires conducted by the "Children's Bicycle market demand Questionnaire" results show that consumers in the purchase of children's bicycles, the main considerations are: Appearance 3.68%, Performance 75.74%, Price 8.09%, brand 11.02%; it can be seen that the quality of baby stroller, riding safety and other performance factors are affecting consumers to buy the main cause, followed by the impact of the brand, and price, appearance and other factors on the purchase behavior is weaker. According to industry insiders analysis, the domestic market children bicycle brand influence will show a widening trend.