Guide to safety of stroller consumption

- Aug 07, 2017-

Baby Stroller is an indispensable product in the process of children's growth, in order to improve consumers ' and guardian's safe Consumption consciousness, guide science to buy baby stroller products, the national AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center organizes relevant experts to write "guide to Safety for Baby stroller", which reads as follows:

A. The principle of purchase should be remembered
According to the children's age and growth stage needs, the purchase of different types of stroller.
According to the child's height, weight, strength, balance, coordination and control ability, choose the right baby stroller.
As far as possible to choose the function of a single baby stroller products.
Resolutely refused to buy a stroller without 3C logo.
Concerned about the national Aqsiq issued product recall information and consumer early warning information, in a timely manner away from the existence of safety risks of baby stroller products.

Two. Safe consumption is the most important
Pay attention to the safety of the parts of the stroller body, there are no easy to fall off small parts, sharp edges or cutting-edge, easy to clamp the gap between the body parts of children;
Pay attention to whether the structure of the stroller is reliable and not loose or the parts fall off;
Pay attention to the folding and locking device of baby stroller is effective and reliable;
Attention to the effectiveness of the baby stroller brakes (braking device);
Pay attention to safety distance of baby stroller parts;
Concerned about the protection of dangerous parts;
Pay attention to the traveling speed and stable performance of stroller;
Pay attention to the safety status of small toys hanging or incidental to a stroller.

Three. Attention should be paid to maintenance
Fully learn the maintenance instructions of the baby stroller and follow the execution.
Carry out regular maintenance according to the requirements of the use instructions.
Develop the habit of checking before each use.
Baby carriages damaged if not repaired should be kept away from children.
Self-assembled baby stroller for comprehensive inspection and adjustment.

Four. Guardianship should not be less
When children use a stroller, caregivers should not leave, but also pay attention to the safety of children who play together and the people around them.
Ensure that the use of the environment for the use of baby stroller, should not be used on the road.
Child-controlled baby stroller should be provided with basic and cognitive safety training for children, with protective measures as far as possible.
Do not gild the use of baby carriages, bear additional functions, (note: The hand place hanging heavy weights, carry luggage with a stroller, many people ride stroller, etc., will cause the overall structure of the vehicle damage or affect stability).