Baby stroller Enterprises should pay attention to product design and improve research and development ability

- Aug 07, 2017-

In recent years, China's baby stroller enterprises in the mold process level, production management, quality management has been very mature, there is no big problem, modern plant, modern equipment more and more. But the development of baby stroller design plagiarism, imitation, follow the problem is quite serious.

This is a more typical case is "wisdom le fort" "Off-Road Wang electric car." According to observation, the peak period, the national copy of the product manufacturing enterprises less than 10. In the last two years, the "simulation Car Wars" and "Chariot wars" in the stroller market are the best evidence of imitation and follow suit. The result is the serious homogeneity of the products in the market, inevitably into the vicious circle of price war.

Blindly copying, imitation, and follow suit will only push the enterprise and even the whole stroller industry into dead alley. Industry should vigorously advocate the importance of original design, respect for intellectual property rights. With a certain scale strength of the baby stroller enterprises may wish to add a design department in the enterprise structure, to form their own design team, set up a good set of design and development processes and plans, and gradually form an independent product development thinking and patterns. It is also a good idea to employ outside design companies. At the same time, it is also necessary for the relevant departments and professional lawyers to conduct anti-piracy operations. China's baby stroller industry will continue to develop rapidly, mature business performance has been growing steadily, emerging enterprises bring surprises. We look forward to more stroller companies in the fierce market competition to laugh to the last.