Analysis of safety consumption consciousness of baby stroller products

- Aug 07, 2017-

Recently, AQSIQ issued a "China city safety consumption awareness of stroller survey." According to the survey, 10.6% of the surveyed families had experienced injury or danger during the use of the baby stroller, and the safe consumption condition of baby stroller products was not optimistic. Feng Funmin, director of the Law Enforcement Supervision Department of Aqsiq, said: "Although parents are more concerned about the safety of baby stroller products, there is a lack of relevant knowledge." "
The survey found that 47.6% of parents do not know "baby stroller products must undergo compulsory product certification (3C certification) in order to factory, sale, import or in other business activities" this provision.
At the same time, only 44.75% per cent of parents knew that the country had enacted safety standards for children's bicycles, and that the safety standards for children's tricycles, child strollers, baby walkers and electric stroller were low, with 11.8%, 17.2%, 15% and 11.3% respectively.
Whether there are small parts, sharp cutting-edge, dangerous gaps, braking devices, folding or locking mechanism is effective, frame parts are solid, driving stability and other security items, more than 85% of parents do not know to check.
According to the introduction, China has been in the automobile, children's toys and other fields to establish a defective product recall system. However, the survey found that 80% of parents do not know the "child toys Recall regulations"; 60.2% of parents do not know that defective product recalls refer to "activities to eliminate defects in accordance with prescribed procedures and requirements by product producers to supplement or revise consumption descriptions, removal, replacement and repair of defective products they have sold".
According to the Director of China Institute of Standardization Malincong Introduction, from the selection principle, according to the children's age and growth stage needs, to buy different kinds of stroller. As far as possible to choose a single feature of the baby stroller products, resolutely refused to buy 3C logo baby stroller. At the same time, concerned about AQSIQ issued product recall information and consumer early warning information, in time away from the existence of safety risks of baby stroller products.
So, buy stroller, what are the issues to pay attention to? Malincong said, to pay attention to the safety of parts on the stroller body, there are no easy to shed small parts, sharp edges or the cutting edge of the child's body parts, the structure can be carried without loosening or the parts fall off, the folding and locking device is effective and reliable, the brake (braking device) is effective, the dangerous parts are protected, and the safety distance of the baby stroller parts is also concerned. The travelling speed and stability of a stroller and the safety of small toys hanging or incidental to a stroller. Experts said that to pay attention to the daily maintenance of children's carriages, should not be used in the traffic road, the child should not leave the caregiver, should not let the baby stroller bear additional functions, such as the hands of the parts hanging heavy weights, carry luggage with a stroller, many people ride baby stroller and so on.